Rank Tracker: Grow your Visibility

How do you think people find out your website in the ocean called World Wide Web? They do it by typing keywords related to the content you have in your website. For example, if you are dealing in women’s apparels, you can expect people searching for women’s garments, fashion clothing, female dresses, sexy attires, and so on. You have given it a thought and included these keywords in the content to catch as many as possible visitors to the website. But you are disappointed to find that your competitors are receiving a much higher traffic than you even though they are not selling any better clothes.  The real reason is not a better website or better deals but the keywords that your competitors has chosen and placed in his website. Thankfully, there is a tool that allows you to know the highest ranking keywords that you can use to make your website more visible. It is called rank tracker and it is available for free over the net.

As the name implies, a rank tracker tracks the popularity of keywords on various search engines. You enter many keywords at a time in this online tool and it searches the net to find out their popularity levels by giving them rankings. You can start with knowing the ranks of keywords that you are currently using in content in your website. Then you can spy upon the websites of your competitors by checking the rankings of their keywords. This will give you an idea why your competitors are snatching away customers from your target group of customers.

Once you include the right keywords, you will find that your site is receiving a steady stream of visitors. Nothing has changed for them. But they are now easily finding your URL in the top results returned by their browsers based upon the search terms they are using.



Rank Tracker

Qualities a Right Rank Tracker Possesses

Rank tracking is something crucial for the success of the websites. When it comes to the creation of the website there is a far much complexity as one can even think about. The website has many technicalities which one needs to accomplish in order to make it run in the best manner. However, when it comes to keeping a track of the rankings of the website which is essential for its success having the best rank tracker is something that matters.

However, when it comes to choosing the best rank tracker for your website there are many aspects which you need to consider a few of those include the following:

Accuracy of the Results

When you invest in the purchase of something you are doing that for the purpose of obtaining the results; however when the tool ends up offering none of the benefits the tool may end up being useless. Therefore when it comes to a rank tracker you must have an analysis of the fact that whether the tool is showing accurate results of not or else your analysis will be a waste and so as your investment.

Number of Keywords Allowed

When it comes to the rank tracker you are not at a free will to tracks many keywords as you want and every tracker has its own limitations in this purpose. Therefore when it comes to choosing the best tracker make sure that the number of keywords are known by you, if you need a big quota make sure you select the tracker accordingly and vice versa.

Innovative Features

As these days most of the usage of the internet is via mobile devices, make sure you select the rank tracer which is ready to provide you with the feature of tracking the ratings of a mobile devices as well, many tracker do not offer this feature.

All these factors must be kept in mind when it comes to tracking the rankings and so the tracker selected by you must work accordingly.