Mindfulness Meditation: Gateway to Higher Consciousness

Have you ever sat down with closed eyes to become aware of your own thoughts going inside your mind? In today’s time, it is perhaps the most difficult of tasks that an individual can be asked to perform. People have become so used to their smart phones and their virtual worlds that they start to experience anxiety when asked to sit and communicate with their own selves. .Meditation is a way of delving deep into one’s own mind, to be aware of one’s conscious and unconscious thoughts. There are many different techniques of meditation and mindfulness meditation is one of them.


Mindfulness meditation has become extremely popular among people these days because it is an easy and very effective way of relieving stress. Just find a clean room in your house which is well ventilated and allows natural sunlight to be full of light. Sit in a spot that you find comfortable either on a chair or a mat with your eyes closed. Try to focus upon a spot in front of your eyes. Breathe calmly and slowly, filling your lungs with as much oxygen you can. Pay attention to the thoughts that are entering your mind. Do not try to push away any thought even if it is negative or disturbing. Let your thoughts wander and do not try to concentrate on any one of them. Your aim should be to experience these thoughts as a neutral person as if you are in front of an ocean and watching the waves come and go.


Just relax and enjoy the thoughts coming to your mind. It is not your job to criticize or judge the thoughts. Once you learn to see the thoughts without any bias or prejudice, you will raise your consciousness to the next higher level. This is how you start your journey in mindfulness meditation.