Oracle CEO Mark Hurd Rubbishes aside Salesforce Claim

Oracle is a giant tech company headed by Mark Hurd. The company continues to take a swipe at rival Salesforce every now and then. The latest jibe has come from none other than the CEO Mark Hurd who said ‘Are you kidding me?’ in response to a comment from a media person that Salesforce has emerged as the number one rival for Oracle.


It is not a secret anymore that Oracle and Salesforce are involved in a bitter competition as to who becomes the first company to reach the figure of $10 billion in revenue generated from cloud bases services. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, in an interview to CNBC, has said that if anyone does math after taking a look at the growth rate of his company in the last quarter, he would know that Oracle is going to touch the magic figure of $10 billion pretty soon.


$10 billion is only a  third of total revenue generated by Oracle

It was Saleforce’s turn to make a claim in this regard last February. The company had said then that it expects to touch a sales figure of $10.15 billion in the next year. Hurd refuted this claim and said that it was only a matter of time before Oracle catches up and then surpasses Salesforce to touch the magic figure of $10 billion first. For those who do not know, Oracle booked profits to the tune of $37 billion last year. This $10 billion from cloud operations may not be everything but it is still an important milestone for the company, says Hurd. Website said in the interview that the company sees it as an opportunity to grow and expand even further than stopping at $10 billion mark.


Although rivalry between Oracle and Salesforce has garnered publicity, it ignores another white elephant in the room called Amazon.