Why Anti Bark Collar is so Useful

It can be very embarrassing to listen to complaints made by your neighbors about excessive and incessant barking of your dog. You are fed up of telling them that barking is a natural dog behavior and that you would try to control your dog’s excessive barking. It is futile to expect your dog to listen to your reprimands. He barks to communicate with you and also with other dogs. Thankfully there is a device available in the market by the name of anti bark collar. As the name implies, you only need to make your dog wear this collar and you get the desired results in a few days’ time.


It works automatically by sensing dog’s barking

How does an anti bark collar work? Most of these collars are fitted with an electronic device that sends electrical stimulation to a part of dog’s neck as soon as it senses his barking sound. It does not harm the dog in any way. But if you are worried, you can relax in the knowledge that the intensity of electrical stimulation remains under your control. You can always start with small electric shock and see if it works in the case of your dog’s barking behavior. If it is able to control barking of your dog, you need not increase the intensity of electric shock. But even if you have to go to next higher intensity level, do not feel worried about the safety of your dog.


Anti bark collar is a humane device designed to control the barking behavior of your dog. You should not think of it as something that shows cruelty to your dog in any way. However, it is a good idea to compare the features and prices of various anti bark collar devices available in the market before buying one.